New journey to live for...

Open, hoping, timing, grinding, tempted, segmented...
A poets course...
A poets thoughts...
All this may leave you breathless.
Being censored if I did you'll never get this...I write for me to set my mind free. I entertain those of your so you can get through what your going through. I am Po3try inside and out...Journey with me.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Loves Spirit

What a wonderful feeling, that which of love.
Served on a platter sent from above.
The spirit of being one with another.
Life's little pleasantries, makes your heart flutter.
We sometimes wait a lifetime for such forces to come our way.
But when they arrive, forever will they stay.
Until death is what's used in marriage today.
So we can start all over in a new lifetime.
One love, one spirit, 2 souls, & 2 hearts.
They beat as one from the rising to the setting of the sun.
When you've found your soul mate...yeah you'll understand this one.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dwindle of Hope

Your like a peaceful inspiration.
You came without any warning.
You captured a heart so torn.
Your the reason I'm reborn.
You never came to stay.
But your here anyway.
You are a rainbow on my rainy days.
You can never be washed away.
Our hearts will forever beat as one.
With you my life has just begun...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What's a life without God, but an unpaved rocky road.
A dark desolate highway with twist & turns.
As I lay here with tears rolling down my face.
I don't cry cause of sadness I cry cause this God I serve is revealing all my deep thoughts to me 1 day at a time.
As a follower of the Lord I pray for greatness, a sound mind, & heart for those in my life that have hurt me.
And as a firm believer of God I pray everything he puts in my path is HIS will.
These tears of joy are for my future & the greatness it holds.
They shall wash away the hurt & heal my soul of pain.
The revelations of the Lord cannot be summed up in just one poem.
But a "thank you", everyday of my life for his deliverance.
I hold fast to the graces that he has showered down upon me.
For this road he put me on is no longer desolate & rocky...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

What I am...

I'm not a lyricist, I'm not a rapper.
I don't come to judge cause my soul isn't the rapture.
Blended words mixed with soft laughter.
I give to get at times, but I never look for anything after.
Poetry is just a hobby to bring joy, thoughts, or whatever.
I live to please minds, tantalize souls, break molds of things foretold & untold.
A life that wishes to unfold through the thoughts that penetrate my bones.
These things just come to me, best wishes I pass unto thee.
This here life neither waits on you nor we.
Came from nothing with thoughts to become something.
Guided by the greatest thoughts to fill the world with greatness.
Not even the artist in me can paint this...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Past, Present, & ...

You do the right things to end up in the wrong places.
Do all that matters & still get grim faces.
You play by the book yet the book can't save your life.
Things go wrong nothing to fall back on, just anger & strife.
All your life you thought about how great things would be if your reached this point.
Not knowing heartache, & chaos would be revealed before the end.
You pour your heart & soul into life's empty pot of fools gold.
Only for the story to unfold & bills, student loans, & taxes become your pot of gold at the end of life's rainbow.
Life's story we all have it, our up bringing may not always be the cure for it.
But that one moment when we all strive to achieve is when the knowledge of courage, & great power should have been slipped into our Wheaties.
Though we can't turn back time & change the way things were.
We can pave a better future by instilling great self esteem, & knowledge into the future of what we've become.
Better minds, greater tactics, lesser crimes, our future, will you grasp it?

Monday, June 20, 2011


Got this white wine with no cork screw.
Got this great life, but there's no me & you.
Got these great ideas, but can't share em.
Got these nice song, but I can't hear em.
Sooo I just sit back & take a breather.
I've always loved life, but I gotta leave her.
Got this crave for the future, but I can't grasp it.
Got story to tell, but I don't know to who.
Got this poem on my mind so imma write it to you.
Because in this here life your all I got.
Tryna thrive for better, but my excuses won't let me prosper.
So God, remove them burdens so I could go after everything you GOT for me...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Not what your used to

You want me to act like what your used to.
Someone with a slick mouth & a loose goose.
No I can't be that of what you want.
I'm me, not she, or what the world expects me to be.
See you want the baddest chick, mixed with your typical project mix.
I've come a long way & had my past not gone the way God planned many years ago, who would know what you'd get.
But my up bringing is not your typical choir singing, long skirt wearing type of style.
I may seem different to a few; who assume they know me.
See I've seen where the rough road takes you.
I've also seen what it feels like for someone to break you. All through the eyes of being a child.
Always been a child of God, even though I forgot about him for a while.
You want what your used to cause you can't escape yourself & your own insecurities.
But this woman is more than what you may see on the outside.
Growing up as one of many talents I'm one who lacks no pride.
Triumphs, mindful, humble, with every stride...